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We Were Once Frustrated With Digital Marketing

Our Story

Many years ago, we were in your position: uncertain as to how to use the Internet to get more qualified leads. We took a crack at SEO, PPC, and social media. We designed a beautiful website. God was it beautiful. All the latest bells and whistles, the perfect mix of keywords and quality content, high-end images, etc.

THE RESULT: Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

We realized that we didn’t have the requisite knowledge or skills to properly manage our Digital Marketing. What’s more, we didn’t have the time. We had our business to run.

But we had gone down a rabbit hole with Digital Marketing. Why? Because it’s fun!

Eventually, we sold our business and were looking for new opportunities. It dawned on us that we enjoyed Digital Marketing so much, that we should try to better understand it. At the very least , we’d better understand our failure.

We studied every aspect of digital marketing. We spoke to operators all over the country about how they ran their agencies, the mistakes made, and the lessons learned. And we experimented with the different technologies, platforms, and disciplines.

THE RESULT: Target Market SEO.

Target Market SEO has grown into a full team of expert marketers who have a shared vision and passion for guiding our clients to persistent growth. We’re not just focused and committed – we’re having fun!

How your transformation into a #1 ranking begins...


Your Assessment

1. Schedule A Meeting.

2. Review your SEO Audit.

3. Learn about your business.

4. Review your Growth Plan.

5. Schedule a Kick-Off Meeting.


Your Growth Plan

1.  Kick-Off Meeting – Review your Growth Plan.

2. Execute – SEO, PPC, and/or Website Design.

3. Measure – Collect data and analyze.

4. Adjust – Edit your Growth Plan.

5. Repeat – Steps 2-4 ad infinitum.

Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? We can help!

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Content Development

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Other Platforms

Ad Re-Targeting


Premium Designs

Content Development

On-Page SEO

Custom Development

Competitive Analysis

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