Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Drive Traffic To Your Website Immediately

What if you could get tons of website traffic tomorrow?

With Pay-Per-Click Advertising, your company can easily transform its website traffic and sales overnight. 

How does PPC Advertising work?
Online ads are sold by auction. Advertisers bid on keywords that relate to the products or services that your company sells. When someone clicks on your ad, they are led to a specific page on your website called a Landing Page.

Unlike traditional auctions, the highest bidder does not always win. Online Advertising Platforms, like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, multiply your Quality Score and Bid Size to create your Ad Rank. The bidder with the highest Ad Rank gets the top spot and so on down the line.


Why Is PPC Advertising So Effective?


Keys to an effective PPC Advertising Campaign:

The most effective PPC Ad Campaigns are cost-effective and get instant results to a highly targeted audience.


Which is the most effective PPC Advertising Platform?
Amazon, Google, and Facebook are highly effective online advertising platforms and it depends on your brand, your product/service offerings and your audience. This question is a good example of why continous analytics and retargeting are necessary for successful PPC Advertising Campaigns. And while PPC advertising will get you fatser results than SEO (organic search), one must continually use anlytics to monitor and adjust your ads to reap the rewards. 


The most effective Online Marketing & Advertising strategy is one that combines PPC Advertising with SEO. These marketing activities enhance one another over the long-term and solidify your company’s revenue stream. Adding social media marketing and email marketing can also drive more website traffic and increase sales.

  1. Keyword Targeting – Using long-tail keywords is preferred. You will have less competition & spend much less on your cost-per-click.
  2. Keyword Re-targeting – You must continuously analyze & improve keywords to optimize your success rate.
  3. Omnichannel Marketing – Combine all online marketing & advertising strategies to super charge your sales.
  4. Landing Page – Make sure your Landing Page(s) are updated regularly and analyze them to ensure they are helping you close sales.
  5. Re-Target Ads – Continuously analyze, edit and re-publish ads.
  6. Competitor Monitoring – Monitor what your competitors are doing to see what works and what doesn’t work.
How Email Marketing Campaigns Interact With Your Sales Team

Google Advertising

Google Ads are by the far the most popular way to advertise online. As oted above, these ads can enhance your website traffic and SEO strategies. Therefore, it is critical to link your Google AdWords Accounts to Google Search Console.

Email Marketing Campaigns That Assist Your Sales Team

Facebook Ads

Facebook provides an Advertising Platform that is similar to Google AdWords. However, Facebook’s algorithm for buyer behavior and demographics is different because of the data it collects from its users. Facebook ads are also a great way to enhance your Facebook posts and drive more traffic to your website.

Email Marketing Campaigns That Fill Your Sales Funnel


Not many people think of advertsing on Amazon, but it’s the newest and most innovative way to advertise online today! With the advent of voice search (now 50% of all web searches), Amazon is becoming a powerhouse. AND it doesn’t matter if you’re company does B2B marketing, is a services company or if your company does NOT have products listed on Amazon. You can still list display ads targeted to your demographic.

How Social Media Can Enhance Your Brand Identity

PPC Analytics

As stated above, the most effective PPC Advertising Campaigns include Analytics to continuously track and assess these campaigns. Analytics also assists us in monitoring buyer behaviors, landing page success and platform preference.

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